Huwebes, Mayo 9, 2013

May 10, 2013

Education 22-Educational Technology 1

Essay. Choose only one question to answer. Place your answer as a comment of this blog.

1. Make at least five(5) essential steps in using Field Trips/Dramatized?contrived experiences in teaching.

2. Explain the importance of considering the Cone of Experience in teaching.

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  1. The Dale’s Cone of Experience was used as a way to describe different learning experiences. It is a sequence of experiences from the most concrete to the most abstract. The importance of this concept can help bridge some gap in learning between what is being read in the books and what is being experienced in the real sense. Although reading and listening are means of learning, but nonetheless, experiencing the actual enhances greater knowledge of the concept or the topic. In addition, it will guide the teacher on how students can fully grasp the lesson or topic through hands-on experience in a real-life context. It is a tool that will allow students to remember and appreciate best what they do, thus, increasing their retention in the biggest amount of information through experience. It is also through this concept that teachers will become more pedadogical, efficient and creative with their teaching strategy since the stakeholders will be using more senses in the acquisition of knowledge.